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Last updated Mar 6, 2024
Frequently Asked Questions - Big Easy Lawyers

Let the team of Big Easy Lawyers answer your frequently asked questions to get you started.



How to Correct Wrong Information Found on an Unclaimed Profile


Our priority is ensuring accurate listings so our users can easily find you and your law practice. To maintain this accuracy, we require that a listing be claimed by the person in question before performing any edits to the information. 

There are two methods to correct wrong information found on an unclaimed profile. They both start with locating your unclaimed listing by searching the Big Easy Lawyers directory. Once located, you will either select “claim listing” or “correct listing.” 

Correct listing is for a one-time informational update, whereas claim listing will allow you multiple updates by the Big Easy Lawyers team to your legal profile.


Is Claiming Your Legal Directory Profile on Big Easy Lawyers and Going Premium Worth the Cost?


According to Google, companies with completed online directory listings (including office hours, photos, reviews, ratings, product lists, and other relevant information) are considered 2.7 times more reputable than businesses with incomplete online directory profiles.


Does it Matter that Local Online Information about my Law Firm is Accurate?


Did you know that when potential clients are shown wrong information about a company, 63% lose trust and no longer wish to do business with that company? 

Businesses lose over $10 BILLION per year due to wrong and incomplete information online. This makes sense – incorrect contact information sends your clients somewhere else. You definitely won't get the business if clients can't find you (or even call you).


What Should I Put in My Big Easy Lawyers Online Legal Profile?


The team at Big Easy Lawyers can put as much information about your legal practice as you prefer. We do recommend including as much as possible in all of your online profiles. This includes enhanced media such as photos, videos, virtual tours, office hours, attorney profiles, and more.  


Is There a Contract to Have an Active Profile?


No. When you sign up for the Big Easy Lawyers directory, you are not under a contract. You can cancel your legal marketing subscription at any time.


A Featured Legal Listing is a Lot More Expensive. Why the Extra Cost? Is it Worth it?


Featured listings are placed above other listings. Being at the top of search results should dramatically increase potential client traffic to your profile and, ultimately (if you have optimized your profile correctly), to your law practice. Google states the first page of search results gets 75% of the clicks. 

Are your clients in a rush? Are they unsure what to do, how to respond, and need legal advice immediately? If premium placement gets you one new client per month, is it worth it?


There are a Lot of Different Online Legal Directories. Which One Should We Choose?


It is best practice to control your firm (and its image) in all directories possible.

In addition to potentially reaching that new client through a different marketing channel (local directory, micro-specific professional directories, etc.), each professional directory gives you a valuable backlink, helps improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), online presence, and search rank results in search engines.  

Smaller, focused, professional directories and dedicated legal-specific directories increase your digital presence and chances of landing that new client.


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