Marketing Your Law Practice Location in New Orleans

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Last updated Jun 20, 2023
Marketing Your Law Practice Location in New Orleans - Big Easy Lawyers


Control your image in New Orleans – everywhere


Your New Orleans Law Practice's image online is critical for attracting new clients via internet searches. Today's clients are internet savvy and are using their phones, tablets, and computers to find you, learn about you, and to read reviews about your firm.

Any channel that you can use to attract potential clients increases the possibility of converting those digital profile visits into new cases and new clients.

What if the information about you and your Law Practice online is wrong?

What if your phone number is wrong? Old email addresses? Incorrect practice areas? Missing office hours?

Incorrect information online costs you money. Incorrect information also sends potential clients elsewhere. 


What is Local Directory Marketing?


Local Directory Marketing (also known as Digital Knowledge Management) is the process of:

Synchronizing your office information across all of the information sources online (these online locations also called “publishers”). This synchronization includes the broad directories (like Yellow Pages, for example) and the more focused legal-specific directories, like this directory.

Synchronizing also maximizes the amount of information about your Law Practice that each of these online business directories contains. Online directory profiles should include your Legal Practice areas (personal injury, litigation, bankruptcy, etc.), information about your Law Firm, information about you as an attorney, your office location, office hours, images of you and your offices, and even an invitation video for clients.

You are presenting your business and services to the public through these professional directories with pictures, videos, and custom content.


Why is legal directory marketing important for my Legal Practice?


According to Googlelocation search (online searches based on the person's searching location) has grown over 146% year over year with “near me” included in the search request. 

Mobile and desktop searches deliver results based on your location. Search for a “bankruptcy lawyer,” and you will see those lawyers near you in the search results. Clients may not remember your advertisement, but they will click through on your telephone number in a search result when they need a bankruptcy lawyer.

The goal is to be that first call and turn the caller into a client.

Google further analyzed these “near me” searches and found that these types of local searches directly impact a company's bottom line, with 76% of customers that make a location search actually visit a local business location within one day. 

What's even better?

28% of those location searches result in a purchase from a local company!

Your clients are in New Orleans and are searching for lawyers in New Orleans using their mobile devices. Don't miss your opportunity to potentially capture 28% more clients just by helping them find you first.


Used Internet to Find Local Business - Big Easy Lawyers


Do clients really use online local directories?



Diners look at Yelp reviews before visiting a restaurant, consult the Yellow Pages online for tradespeople, and travelers check out locations on Trip Advisor. People needing legal help also research attorneys online.

Business listings in local directories get an average of 174% more search impressions than web pages. That even includes store pages, directory, and locator traffic.


Managing Your Law Firm's Information Online Matters.


Online listing accuracy matters. Take a look at what your clients are saying:


Businesses with complete online listings are considered 270% more reputable than companies with incomplete listings.


That is almost 3x higher than competing businesses.

It is surprising that this statistic isn't even higher. The saying, “Perception is the only reality” is absolutely at work in this instance.

When shown something that is thought of as “better” right from the beginning (in this instance, a fully completed Legal Practice profile), the majority of people will choose the perceived “better” choice (regardless of if it is actually better or not). 


Customers are more likely to visit companies that have complete online listings. 


This increase in visitors makes a lot of sense, seeing that they consider these companies more reputable than companies that have incomplete listings online (and they can actually find them).


Customers are 50% more likely to buy from a company with complete online listings.


Your client's first impression matters.

If you cannot take care of your own office (by at least having complete and correct information about how to find your office), how can you take care of them? Why do Lawyers X, Y, and Z have complete listings? Because those lawyers are already getting the value from complete listings.


Complete company listings get 600% more clicks than companies with empty listings.


Would you go into an office with boards covering all of the windows? Unless you live in Florida and a hurricane has just blown through town, the answer is no.


Instilling trust matters. Marketing any service requires instilling trust in your client. Clients want to partner with a successful lawyer who is an expert in their field and can represent them the right way. 

Present yourself the best way you can everywhere and don't give a potential client a reason to go somewhere else. You can visit our affiliate, LOCALSYNC, to learn more about getting more clients with local directory marketing.


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