SEO and Its Impact on Search Ranking

Written by Big Easy Lawyers
Last updated Jun 19, 2023
SEO and Its Impact on Search Ranking - Big Easy Lawyers
Guess How Many Google Searches Are Completed Every Day
3.5 Billion (yes, that is a B)!




Are you able to find your law firm within these 3.5 billion search results? No? Then look to Search Engine Optimization. It is the key to boosting the appearance order for your website in search results. SEO, as it is widely known, can be complied naturally and without the use of paid ads.


Let's Dig Deeper Into SEO

Search Engine Optimization is all about boosting site traffic based on your website and listings‘ customized content. Creating both quality and quantity digital content helps search engines evaluate and rank your firm higher in search results.

It's unlikely that users will go through pages upon pages of search results before they choose a lawyer. But that's not the only reason to want your law firm displayed on the first search results page. The first search result page appears to users as the most reputable firms.

Let's evaluate that thought further.

Google claims that nearly 70% of clicks go to the top five search results. Additionally, 75% of mobile device clicks tend to lead to an appointment within 24 hours.

Check out this scenario. A user finds your firm inside the top results when searching for legal assistance online. That user then clicks on your website to ensure your services meet their needs. Then the user will then conduct a thorough analysis of your firm, confirming its reputation. Lastly, they will then enter your address into their GPS to arrive at your office.

Be Ahead Or Lose Out

So how do you get ahead?

  • Ensure your website is responsive, regardless of the device.
  • Include client-based content that is up-to-date on your website
  • Verify and claim your Google My Business page.
  • Unify your digital listing content across all platforms and monitor for accuracy.
  • Write an appealing blog directed at your target audience.

Use SEO to boost your law firm's findability and stop hiding from potential clients.

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