Benefits of Digital Marketing

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Last updated Jun 19, 2023
Benefits of Digital Marketing - Big Easy Lawyers



How much of your day is spent online? Many people can admit to spending a large portion of their day online. Therefore, if people are online, your law practice should be as well!


Approach to Marketing – Traditional


The basics of traditional marketing are simple. A company needs to promote a product or service for sale. The company then brainstorms ways to advertise the product or service via traditional media channels such as radio commercials and street billboards. After the media channels present the product or service, the company is contacted by interested customers asking to purchase the product or service.


Let's break this traditional approach down a bit further.

  • Advertisement is played on the radio.
  • Someone listening to the radio may require legal assistance.
  • That someone notices your advertisement as an option for acquiring the legal assistance they need.
  • Then that person reaches out to your law practice using the contact details provided in the advertisement.
  • You discuss legal options with that person and secure a new client for your law practice.


Do you notice any issues with the traditional approach? It's a waiting game with many barriers. Your law practice has to wait for that certain someone to notice your advertisement and notice at the same time they need legal assistance.


Approach to Marketing – Digital


Digital marketing is a renewed way to advertise your products and services without the traditional barriers. By understanding the kinds of people looking for your services, your law practice can send advertisements directly to them with digital marketing.


It's called Search Marketing.

Law practices can use search marketing to locate these interested individuals and direct their ads towards them. Think how much easier it is to send advertisements to individuals already seeking legal assistance rather than waiting for them to find the ad at the exact moment it's needed.


Let's break the digital approach down a bit further: 


Digital marketing offers many benefits beyond that. You can also buy search ads to focus on search terms of your opponents and their clients.


Digital Marketing Analytics - Big Easy Lawyers


Furthermore, analytics is another advantage of digital marketing. Your law practice can analyze the click-to-engagement ratio to help you understand how powerful and proficient your marketing strategy is.

Increase your online reach with digital marketing.


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