Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

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Last updated Jun 19, 2023
Social Media Marketing for Lawyers - Big Easy Lawyers



Social Media – The Place To Be


Globally you will find more than THREE BILLION daily social media users. Is your law practice one of these three billion? I sure hope so!

There are so many different ways people use social media. Some use it to connect with family and friends, while others use it for entertainment. Social media is also used to learn about the latest trends and goods or businesses, such as your law practice.

To develop a following on social media, your law practice should regularly create persuasive, useful, and engaging posts. Social media webpages such as LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter are just a few of the many options available. But, more social media options mean more maintenance.


Example Social Media Content For Your Law Practice


What kind of content should your law practice share on social media? Here are some ideas:


  • Bulletins (publications, exciting upcoming events)
  • Videos (answering how-tos or FAQs)
  • Industry Sources (links to case studies or law updates).
  • Polls (predict case outcomes, get opinions)
  • Case results
  • About Us (company history and bios)
  • Client Reviews


Navigating the legal system can be stressful. Law practices can use social media to make personal connections and market themselves. Clients will feel more at ease when choosing your practice because of these connections.


Making a Social Impact - Big Easy Lawyers


Understand Your Practice's Social Impact


The basic objective of social media is to improve the presence of your law practice by building your online reputation. You will not succeed if you post boring content. Appealing content is key to ensuring that people frequently return to your site.

Furthermore, it's not just your practice's social media content that's important. Your marketing strategy should also include an understanding of your social impact. You can measure your online performance using social media analytics or user tracking to determine the number of views per posting.

Last but not least, do not dismiss the positive impact that social media influencers can have on products or businesses. Your online presence can skyrocket after you connect with an influencer. This is due to the influencers' large number of followers.


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