Using ESQ.LINK to Market Your Legal Practice in New Orleans

Branded Contact Links for Lawyers

What is ESQ.LINK?

ESQ.LINK is a legal page linking application that enables attorneys to create branded legal link pages for their teams and clients.

ESQ.LINK pages are simple to set up and are entirely customizable with the ability to insert headshots, firm logos, custom colors, custom fonts, text sections, and custom backgrounds. The pages are optimized for both mobile and web browsers. It is one of the easiest ways to start an online web presence.

Check out a sample here.


Example of Branded Legal link page fr ESQ.LINK


What is a ESQ.LINK branded legal linking page?

An ESQ.LINK branded legal linking page is a custom web page that contains all of your contact information through ALL channels, including social media, website, web biographies, telephone, email, and SMS applications like WhatsApp.

Additionally, ESQ.LINK also allows you to create custom links to your important information on the internet, such as:

  • Your Bio Page
  • Firm's Website
  • Notable cases
  • Published articles
  • News Mentions
  • Videos
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • And even insert a Mail signup page

ESQ.LINK also enables you to embed videos into your custom legal link pages, featuring your law firm, introducing you to clients, or your notable television appearances. 

Custom Domains from ESQ.LINK


The Power of ESQ.LINK Custom Domains

The ESQ.LINK domain is a great short domain name for lawyers. ESQ.LINK/your-name is easy for clients to remember and for you to promote.

But what if you want something even more customized, something that reflects your brand more specifically, or maybe something that was tailored to your area of legal practice?

ESQ.LINK also includes high-value legal domain names that are included with Premium and Pro subscriptions. Some of these domains include free with premium and pro subscriptions include:


With Premium and Pro subscriptions, you can use both the general legal domain ESQ.LINK/your-name plus available custom domains that fit your practice.

Practice-specific custom domains such as (for traffic law-focused practices) and (for DWI specialists) are better for SEO, improve your internet presence, and provide convenient page links for clients to reach you.

Using Your Own Custom Domain Name on ESQ.LINK

Using Your Own Domain Name

Do you already have a domain name? Perhaps you have

You can use your own domain name on ESQ.LINK in addition to ESQ.LINK provided custom domains! You get your unused domain name (or names depending on your plan) into link pages quickly and easily.

Using your own domain name is easy. Simply point your domain name's CNAME record to ESQ.LINK, and you can start making ESQ.LINK pages with your domain name. The ESQ.LINK team is happy to walk you through the process.

Once set up, it takes less than 5 minutes to create a new link page (the first time), and you can create pages for all of your team members, all branded with your custom domain name.

For example, if your custom domain is, you can create:


Already Have a Website on Your Custom Domain?

Not a problem.

You can create a subdomain (which is free to do at most registrars) such as and use that subdomain name. You retain the custom firm branding and can use the custom link pages to redirect to important parts of your website and improve SEO for your main website all at the same time.


Is Creating Custom ESQ.Link Pages Worth It?




The more quality links and information sources that point customers in the right direction (to hire you) benefit you. SEO and advertising online is not only a numbers game but also a quality game, especially with the constant algorithm changes Google makes focusing on quality.


Location marketing (or directory marketing) your law firm online is successful when:


All of the information that is published online is correct.

That means making sure you have correct addresses, opening hours, telephone numbers, and email addresses across ALL online directories (there are hundreds). It is also very important not to confuse Google (with sites that have conflicting information, but it is very important not to confuse your clients.



Get your name and your law firm's in as many online directories, local directories, or online link locations as possible.




Your customers are searching everywhere for your legal services. That includes Yelp, Yellow Pages, Professional Directories (like this one), and anywhere else Google delivers to them in their search results (including your ESQ.LINK legal link pages).


Services such as LOCALSYNC can help with the general directories, some legal directories, and ESQ.LINK pages, and it is vital to get that contact information everywhere (and make sure it is correct).


Geo-Targeted Listings.

When your clients make a mobile search in New Orleans, Louisiana, Google delivers results based in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is critical that these online directories contain geo-targeted data along with contact information. The Big Easy Lawyers legal directory, for example, contains precise longitude and latitude geographic data for listings. 


Google will also attempt to deliver lawyers nearest to their location. That is why it is crucial that all of the information Google has on your location in New Orleans be correct. If you have 100 pages online with the same, correct local information and your nearest local competition has 10, guess who will come up first when a potential client makes a location-based search?


Give ESQ.LINK a Try


ESQ.LINK has a free plan to get you started. It is simple to set up and helps clients find you.