Marketing your Legal Practice with your Website

How much time does your website have to catch a user's eye? 

Your law firm has a digital door - it's your website. Make sure your "digital door" is as friendly and inviting as your physical office door and staff.


Fast Website Suitable For All Devices


Your website should be fast, informative, and attention-grabbing, especially since you only have eight seconds to make an impression. People also expect websites to work on any device (computer, tablet, mobile phone). If your website doesn't load on a mobile phone, people will quickly leave and head to the next law firm in their search results. 


Really - that's all it takes?


Yep. Your website is available to everyone every day, all day long. Let your website work FOR your law firm while the office is closed.


Enhance Your Prospective Client's Site Visit


Don't stop with a responsive and appealing website. It's time to ensure you have all the details your prospective client is seeking. Let them get to know you and your firm. This knowledge creates comfort, which in turn creates new business.


So what is this saught after detail that needs to be included in my law firm's website? 


  1. NAP - that's Name, Address, and Phone. Simple but necessary.
  2. Operational details - useful things like legal areas handled, hours of operation, and directions.
  3. Insight - draw them in with more details about your firm's history and staff, plus firm accolades (including reviews).
  4. Consultation - provide information on how to meet with an attorney in your firm.


Your Firm's Website is a Gateway to YOU Online


Create a website that makes a profound impact.


Need help taking that first step? LOCALSYNC is here for your firm, offering many online courses and marketing tools. You can learn how to build a WordPress website from scratch or sign up for a website builder package and take advantage of pre-made (but customizable) site designs. Better yet, let us take over and create a completely optimized WordPress website for your law firm.


LOCALSYNC offers a variety of website solutions suitable for various budgetary needs.