Claiming your Listing

Big Easy Lawyers takes great pride in providing reliable listings that make it easy for clients to locate you and your legal practice. In doing so, we request that you claim the listing before any changes or customizations can be made.

After claiming your listing, complete your profile to maximize your Big Easy Lawyers' listing visibility. Learn how to claim your listing from the below steps.

Create or Log-In to Your Big Easy Lawyers Account


Select the "Sign In" button from the top-right menu of the homepage.



Here enter your login credentials and click sign in to log into your established Big Easy Lawyers account. 

If you need to establish a new Big Easy Lawyer account, select "Register" next to "Need an account?" from the sign-in page.  Then enter your name and a valid email address and click "Register" to create your account.



Locate Your Active Listing


Once you have logged in to Big Easy Lawyers' legal directory, it's time to locate your listing among the numerous other lawyers. Type your name into the search bar. Next, click "Search."


If you can't locate your active listing within the directory, create a new listing in the Big Easy Lawyers legal directory.



Select Your Active Listing from Search Results


Big Easy Lawyers directory shows results matching or closely matching the name entered into the search bar. Scroll down the results to find and select your name.



Claim your Active Listing


Next, while reviewing your complete active listing, click "claim this listing" to continue.



Determine Your Marketing Subscription Plan


There are three main marketing subscription plans. These can be purchased monthly or annually (at a discount). Compare and determine the marketing subscription plan to suit your law firm's needs. Next, click on "select marketing plan" to proceed to payment.



Pay for Marketing Subscription Plan


Big Easy Lawyers uses Stripe to complete secure payments. Double-check your selected plan and payment options before clicking on "Pay with Card."



Lastly, enter your credit card information and a valid email. Complete your payment by selecting "Pay."



Admin Verification Final Step


Once payment is completed, Big Easy Lawyers will receive your claim listing request. Our team will then contact you to complete the verification step.


Once verified, you will receive full access to customize your Big Easy Lawyers listing.


Should you have questions, please reach out. We are here to help.